Be ye DOERS OF THE WORD and not hearers only deceiving your ownselves James 1:22





David F. Middleton, Pastor

     Now you can go to church on this website at any time of the day and hear the Word of God. You can hear the messages from all of our church services. We have three services per week. Our services are Sunday morning at 10:00 A.M., Sunday evening at 6:30 P.M., and Wednesday evening at 7:00 P.M. These services will be archived on this page for a month or more before being removed. The messages will play immediately on your audio player. If the message does not play immediately and you have to download it to be able to play it, go to your Windows Media Player and select Tools, Options, click on the File Types tab, check the MP3 Format Sound box, click OK, and then it will play immediately.

     If you are interested in purchasing a copy of any of the messages, they are available on CD or DVD for $3.00 each. Please use the Order Form on the Order Form page to make an order or order with a credit card by phone by calling 1-602-279-5212 or 1-877-77DOERS (773-6377).

     All church services (10 AM & 6:30 PM on Sundays and 7 PM on Wednesdays) are now being broadcast live through live streaming on YouTube on the davidmiddletonvideos channel. To see these, go to which is the davidmiddletonvideos channel. Then scroll down to "Upcoming live streams" and then click on the date of the live church service. The entire live church services including the praise and worship will be viewable for 3 to 4 days after each service date. Then the entire live church service will be deleted. The teaching of the live church service will be on Live Church Services for 2018 (just below the Upcoming live streams). They will continually be available by the date of the service. On this same Youtube site, scroll down to Live Church Services and you will see Live Church Services available for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 by the date of each service.
Click on the particular year and you will see the recorded weekly services listed in the right column by name and date.

Messages - Through December 23, 2018

12-7-14-AM - Understanding The Christian Life 1
12-7-14-PM - Understanding The Christian Life 2
12-10-14 - Understanding The Christian Life 3
12-14-14-AM - Understanding The Christian Life 4
12-14-14-PM - Understanding The Christian Life 5

9-13-15-AM - End-Time Prophecy Revealed In The Feasts Of The Lord
9-13-15-PM - Know The Ages To Accurately Understand Prophecy
9-16-15 - Know The Different Days Of The Lord To Accurately Understand Prophecy
10-25-15-PM - The Truth About Genesis 6, The Giants, & The Sons Of God
10-28-15 - Exposing The False Books Of Enoch, Jubilees, & Jasher
11-1-15-AM - The Gap Theory Is A False Doctrine Of The Devil
11-11-15 - Exposing Errors In The KJV & Their Effects In The Church
11-15-15-AM - The False Teaching Of Returning To Hebrew Roots & Of Sacred Names Of God 1
11-15-15-PM - The False Teaching Of Returning To Hebrew Roots & Of Sacred Names Of God 2

11-13-16-AM - Introduction To Deliverance
11-13-16-PM - How Christians Can Have Demons Within Them
11-16-16 - How To Cast Out Demons
11-20-16-AM - Principles Of Deliverance From The Old Testament
11-20-16-PM - How To Retain Your Deliverance
11-27-16-AM - Answering Common Objections To Deliverance
11-27-16-PM - How To Minister Deliverance Effectively
11-30-16 - Wrong Ways Of Pursuing Deliverance 1
12-4-16-AM - Wrong Ways Of Pursuing Deliverance 2
12-4-16-PM - Hindrances To Deliverance
12-7-16 - How To Break Curses
12-11-16-AM - Practical Deliverance & Testimonies Of Victory
12-11-16-PM - Answering Questions About Deliverance

5-26-19-AM - The Reality Of Hell
5-26-19-PM - Jesus Delivered Us So That We Might Not Go To Hell
5-29-19 - Conditions To Be Met To Be Righteous & Not Go To Hell
6-2-19-AM - How Believers Might Go To Hell
6-2-19-PM - Answers To Scriptures Claimed To Support Once-Saved, Always-Saved

4-19-20-AM - Nations! Hear The Word Of The Lord!
4-19-20-PM - Nations! Judgment Is Coming!
4-22-20 - God's Set Times Reveal The Exact Timing Of End-Timing Events
4-26-20-AM - Do You Know What Time It Is In The Earth?
4-26-20-PM - The Revelation Of The Seventh Month
5-3-20-AM - Daniel's Seventy Weeks Prophecy
5-3-20-PM - Jesus Is Coming Suddenly To His Temple

9-13-20-AM - Qualities Necessary To Be Protected In The Day Of The Lord 1
9-13-20-PM - Qualities Necessary To Be Protected In The Day Of The Lord 2
9-16-20 - Qualities Necessary To Be Protected In The Day Of The Lord 3

4-18-21-PM - Who Will Be In The Marriage Of The Lamb?

11-28-21-AM - The Judgment Upon The Church 1
11-28-21-PM - The Judgment Upon The Church 2
12-1-21 - The Judgment Upon The Church 3
12-5-21-AM - The Judgment Upon The Church 4
12-5-21-PM - The Judgment Upon The Church 5



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