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Daniel's Seventy Weeks Prophecy - $2.75

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Paul's Thorn


What was Paul's thorn? Was Paul's thorn sickness? Why did Paul have it? Who gave it to him? What was the effect of the thorn in his life? What was God's attitude towards Paul and the thorn? What is God's grace? What does the grace of God do for us? Did Paul overcome the thorn? What do we learn from Paul's thorn?


The Difference Between Baptism, Receiving, & Filling Of The Holy Spirit


Why is there no unity in the church concerning teaching on the Holy Spirit? What does a person get when they are born again? Do they get the Holy Spirit at salvation or is the Holy Spirit received subsequent to salvation? Who does the Holy Spirit proceed from? What is the baptism with the Holy Spirit and how does it happen? What is receiving the Holy Spirit and how does it happen? Who can receive the Holy Spirit? Do we need to tarry for the Holy Spirit? What is being filled with the Holy Spirit and how is one filled? Is being filled a one-time occurrence or is it continuous? Is speaking in tongues for today? Who can speak in tongues? Is the ability to speak in tongues the gift of tongues? Is there a prayer language of tongues? Is there a difference between the prayer language of tongues and the gift of tongues? Can all believers speak in tongues who have the Holy Spirit in them?


How To Intercede Effectively


Why must we intercede? Who is the battle against? Where is the battle fought? What does "intercede" mean in the Bible?  What are we doing when interceding? What happens in the spirit when we intercede? How do we. intercede specifically? What does "binding" and "loosing" mean? What happens when we groan and travail? What do angels do during intercession? What does fasting do for us and in intercession? What are the rewards of fasting? What qualities are necessary to make us effective in intercession? What are the results of intercession?


How To Confess The Word Accurately


What does confession do? How do you get the Word in your heart? What do you confess specifically? What happens when you confess the Word? What does Jesus do with your confession? What do angels do when you confess the Word? How long do you confess the Word?


Transference Of Spirits


What does transference of spirits mean? Can demon spirits be transferred and if so, how? What is the activity of spirits which transfer? What are the different ways in which spirits can transfer? Can we allow spirits to transfer and if so, how? Can a transfer of spirits occur in my home? Can I stop the transference of spirits?


Praying In Tongues


What are the two ways that Christians are to pray and sing? What does it mean to pray or sing with the spirit? How does one pray or sing with their spirit? What is praying in tongues? What kind of language is tongues? Is praying in tongues for today or has it ceased? What is happening when one prays in tongues? Can all believers pray in tongues? What is the prerequisite to be able to pray in tongues? How do you start praying in tongues? When one prays in tongues, is that the gift of tongues? Can you have the Holy Spirit in you and not pray in tongues? Can we pray in tongues at our will? When and how long should we pray in tongues? Can we speak in tongues in the church? Why do so many Christians reject speaking in tongues? What are the benefits of praying in tongues?


Accurate New Testament Prayer


What is prayer? Does God hear all prayers? What is the purpose of New Testament prayer? Why do we pray? Has there been a change from Old Testament prayer to New Testament prayer? Who do Christians pray to in the New Testament? How do we "ask" the Father in prayer? How do we "receive" in prayer? How do we pray a prayer of faith? Do we pray one time or continuously? Why don't all prayers get answered and bring results? What qualities are necessary for successful prayer? What do we practically pray to be accurate in prayer? Can we have absolute confidence that our prayers are heard?


The Truth About Halloween


What is the truth about Halloween? Is it a harmless holiday? When did this celebration begin? Who started this celebration? What is the history behind it? Do the customs that spiritual meaning? Why does one go "trick-or-treating"? Should a Christian be involved in the celebration of Halloween?


The Truth About Christmas


Is Christmas the birthday of Jesus Christ? Who started the Christmas celebration? When was Christmas begun to be celebrated? What does the word "Christmas" really mean? What does the Bible say about celebrating the birthday of Jesus? Did the early church celebrate Christmas? Why does the world celebrate Christmas with Christians? Do the commonly accepted customs and traditions of Christmas glorify Jesus? Where do the commonly accepted customs and traditions of Christmas come from? What do these customs and traditions really symbolize? Why have these ancient customs and traditions of Christmas survived over the centuries? Is there more to the Christmas celebration than we have realized? Should Christians participate in the celebration of Christmas? What should be the attitude of every Christian toward Christmas?


The Truth About Easter


What is the historical origin of Easter?  Was Easter observed before Christ?  Did the early church celebrate Easter?  Was Jesus resurrected at sunrise?  What is Lent all about?  What is the significance of eggs?  What is the Easter bunny a symbol of?  Should Christians celebrate Easter?


Understanding the Triunity Of The Godhead


Who is God?  Is God one God or are there many Gods?  If there is one God, is He only one person?  Is there a plurality of persons as God?  Is the term "trinity" in the Bible?  What is the Bible term to describe God?  If God is a plurality of persons, is this fact revealed in the old testament?  Does "The Shema", "Israel's great confession, reveal the plurality of persons in God?  If God is a plurality of persons, who are the persons?  In the New Testament, does the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit refer to persons or titles?  If there is plurality of persons in God, how can they be one?  If there is a plurality of persons in God, is there a chain of authority in their functioning as God?


How To Put On The Armor Of God


Who is to put on the whole armor of God?  How does one put on the whole armor of God?  Does one put it on daily by praying for it to be put on?  Is putting on the whole armor of God a continual process?  What happens when one puts on the whole armor of God?  Why does the believer need to put on the whole armor of God?  How are the individual parts of the armor put on?  What does one do with the whole armor of God on?


Understanding The Blood Of Jesus


Why is blood so important in the Bible?  What was the purpose of the blood on the house at the time of the exodus from Egypt?  What was the blood a token of in the Old Testament?  Who applied the blood to the priests in the Old Testament?  Who applies the blood in the New Testament?  What did the blood of Jesus accomplish?  What must believers do in order that the blood of Jesus might be applied in their life?  What does the Bible say about "pleading the blood"?  Should we ask God to cover us with His blood?  Is the blood applied to us automatically or do we have to apply the blood to ourselves by faith?  Should believers cover themselves and their loved ones with the blood of Jesus for protection?  Is the blood of Jesus to be used as a weapon in spiritual warfare against the devil?  Are we to remind Satan about the blood of Jesus?  Do believers cast out demons with the blood of Jesus?


Overcoming Homosexuality


What does God's Word say about homosexuality?  Is homosexuality a sin in the sight of God?  Who causes homosexuality?  What are the specific causes of homosexuality?  Can a person be born a homosexual?  What causes one to have feelings, thoughts, and desires of a homosexual lifestyle?  What are the effects of homosexuality?  How does one determine the root causes of it?  Is there judgment from God on homosexuals?  Can a person be freed from homosexuality?  What are the necessary steps to come out of it?  After one has been delivered from homosexuality, what must one do to stay free?  Can a person be healed of A.I.D.S.?  Is there a place where one can go to receive continual ministry to get delivered and healed of homosexuality and its effects?

Once Saved, Always Saved? - $4.00
What does salvation really mean? Who is the Savior of mankind? Why does man need a Savior? Who is to get saved? What needs to get saved? What are we saved from? How are we saved? Is salvation a one-time occurrence? Is salvation a process? Are there conditions to being saved? Are there few that are being saved? Can a backslider return to the Lord and be saved? Can a believer depart from salvation? What are the results of salvation? Are believer's once saved, always saved?

How To Live By God's Manifest Power & Might - $4.00
Who can live by the power of God? How can one live by the power of God? What is the source of the power of God? How does power come into a believer? Where is the power of Godin a believer? What are God's requirements to manifest the powe of God? How is the power of God actively put into operation? What is might? How is might developed in a believer? What happens when power & might is manifested? How is the glory of God manifested? What hinders the manifestation of power and might? What are the results of power and might? Do you need a special calling to manifest power and might? Why don't all believers manifest power & might?

Deliverance For All Christians - $7.00 - a 312 page book
Who is your adversary? How does Satan work? Who is deliverance for? Do Christians have demons within them? Why should I pursue deliverance? What demons are in you? How do I cast out demons? How do demons come out of a person? What hinders deliverance? How do I retain my deliverance? How long does it take to be free? How will I know that I am free of demons? How do I answer others objections to deliverance? What are the results of deliverance? What is required to be in deliverance ministry?

Daniel's Seventy Weeks Prophecy - $2.75
What does 70 weeks mean & how long is it? Who fulfills this prophecy? How were the 6 phrases in verse 24 fulfilled? Who made the commandment to build and to restore Jerusalem? When was this commandment made? What does "Messiah the Prince" mean? When did Messiah the Prince manifest? Who built the street & the wall in troublous times? When was the Messiah cut off? What happened when He was cut off? Who were the people of the prince? When did they destroy the city & the sanctuary? Who is "he" who confirms the covenant? What covenant did he confirm? Who are the "many" the covenant is confirmed with? What happened to cause the sacrifice to cease? What is the overspreading of abominations? What was the result of the sins of the Jews? How many years were they punished? Why couldn't Israel become a nation again until 1948?

The True Revelation Of The Sabbath - $3.50

What does sabbath mean? When was "sabbath" first used in the Bible? What is the sabbath a sign of? What is the sabbath a memorial of? What did the priests offer up to God every sabbath? Did Jesus always keep the sabbath? What is the purrpose of the sabbath? Are believers required to keep the Old Testament law? Is there a law of the New Testament? What is the law of the New Testament? Does the New Testament law include the Old Testament law? Is the sabbath day to be kept in the New Testament? Is there a certain day for worship in the New Testament? What day did the early church gather to worship on? Why did the early church gather to worship on a certain day? Is there a sabbath in the New Testament? What is the sabbath of the New Testament? How do believers enter into the sabbath of the New Testament?

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