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            As you read the testimonies below, you will hear of testimonies of healings of cancer, diabetes, tumors and growths, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, learning disability, drug addiction, seizures, body pains, loss of prosperity, gluttony, blindness, dumbness, deafness, and thousands healed in churches where demons have been cast out during deliverance ministry. We give God all the glory for His great and mighty works.


            Through the power of God, we have seen twenty people healed of cancer. This occurred through a combination of casting out demon spirits of cancer and releasing the healing power of God into the body. In some cases, the healing took place quickly. In others, it took a period of time during which deliverance and healing were continuously ministered to the person until they were healed.

            Many had cancer in their inheritance line. This revealed that the cancer was the result of inherited generational curses enforced by inherited spirits of cancer. In these inherited cases, the cancer spirits were dormant during their lifetime until they manifested cancer later in life.

            To be healed of cancer or any disease, you must know that Jesus bore away our sickness and disease on the cross and that it is now our legal right as a born-again Christian to be healed. Further, you must know it is the will of God for all to be healed. Then you must take authority over the Satanic spirits who are the unseen spiritual cause of the disease and cast out the demons by the authority of the name of Jesus. Then you take hold of the healing power of God with the prayer of faith, and healing flows into your body.

            We have seen the Lord heal people of cancerous tumors in various parts of their body including cancer in the colon, cancer in the lungs, cancer in the female organs, and cancer in the breasts. If you have cancer or any terminal disease, please call me for an appointment.


            Diabetes is a disease which can affect many areas of the body. Dia means "through" and betes means "running." Thus, this disease runs throughout the body affecting many areas.

            We have seen people healed of diabetes after the spirits of diabetes were all cast out and healing was ministered into the affected areas. One woman had a count of over 300 in her test for sugar diabetes (120 is normal). The doctors had put her on pills to regulate the blood sugar level. As we cast out the spirits of diabetes, the count began to decrease in her tests until it reached normal. Then the doctor took her off the pills and pronounced her healed.

            Another man cast out spirits of diabetes for 2 years until he was healed and off all medication.  The Lord will heal you of diabetes!


            We have seen many healed of tumors and growths by the Lord Jesus. Some were healed quickly and some took a period of time.

            One woman came to one of our services with a tumor under her arm the size of a quarter. At the end of the service for twenty-five minutes, we cast out the demon spirits which caused the tumor, and it shrank to nothing. The next time she came to church, she testified that it was totally gone.

            Another woman had a lump in the breast. We were casting out spirits and ministering healing one Sunday morning. After casting out spirits causing growths and tumors, the woman examined herself after the service and found the lump was gone.

            Another woman had three tumors in the female organs while pregnant. One was the size of a grapefruit, and two were the size of oranges. The doctors could not remove the tumors since she was pregnant. She started coming to our Healing, Deliverance, and Counseling Center, and we ministered to her for many months. The tumors shrank and left, one by one, until they were all gone!

            Another woman was coming to our church for ministry when a tumor developed in her foot. She had had a previous tumor in exactly the same location of the foot about a year before. That tumor had been removed through surgery. The doctor said the operation was successful and the original tumor was gone. Now, it had come back in the same place.

            I told her that the reason the tumor came back was because of the presence of demon spirits in the foot which caused the original tumor. Surgery removes the physical problem, but not the demons which are the spiritual root cause. What happened was that the demon spirits still in her foot caused the reformation of a new tumor in the same location. I told her we would cast out the spirits which caused the tumor, and that she would be healed. We proceeded to do so until all of the demons causing the tumor were out; and, the tumor shrank, disappeared, and she was healed. Any problem that comes back is caused by spirits which must be cast out in order to be healed. If you have a recurring problem, now you know what to do to get healed permanently. Please call me if you would like an appointment.


            We have seen many healed of high blood pressure. They were healed as the spirits causing high blood pressure were cast out and healing was received from the Lord. Some were on medication prescribed by a doctor. After the spirits were cast out and healing was ministered to the point where the blood pressure was normal, the doctors took them off the medication. Jesus is the healer of high blood pressure!


            A young woman came to us with schizophrenia. She had been to mental health centers and was diagnosed with this problem. She had had a terrible childhood and had been sexually molested. We ministered to her for over six months several times a week until she was set free. She had her freedom confirmed by a local mental health center who said that she no longer was schizophrenic. This woman has not only been set free from schizophrenia, but also has now gone on to serve the Lord in a ministry in Florida. Jesus will heal your mind and emotions!


            A grandmother brought her granddaughter to us several years ago. She had a learning problem and had flunked two different grades in school. We cast out spirits causing the learning disability, and the girl was set free. The girl began to improve in her school work and passed that year. She did above average work with good grades the following year. The Lord set her free from being learning disabled!


            A woman who was a crack and cocaine addict came to us. She had left her family and lost almost everything. We cast out the drug addiction spirits and the Lord set her free. We later got the report that the woman was reunited with her family, had gotten a job, and was serving the Lord. Jesus sets us free so we can live a productive life.


            A boy had seizures since infancy. He got the seizures from inheritance as his mother and grandmother both had seizures. We cast many demons out of him that caused the seizures, and he was set free. He has not had a seizure in nearly three years. Jesus set him free!


            We regularly see the Lord heal people of all sorts of pains. The most common ones are neck, back, headache, and joint pains. We recently ministered to a woman who had back pain for fifteen years and could not bend over and touch her toes. We cast out the spirits causing the pain and laid hands on her back, and she was totally healed. She could bend over, touch her toes, and had full movement with no pain! The Lord will heal you of any pain!
            In September, 2007 a man who had pains all over his body for 27 years was healed of all of the pains by the Lord when the evil spirits were cast out. At the same tme, a woman who had pains for 25 years in her feet and could not stand for very long was healed when the evil spirits were cast out.


            We ministered to a man who had problems involving financial prosperity in his life. The man had been passed over for a promotion at his work. He had seniority with a good work record and should have gotten the promotion. We cast out poverty and loss of prosperity spirits hindering the promotion. In a short time, he got the promotion. This was truly a work of the Lord because his company had a hiring and wage freeze on at the time of his promotion. God brought forth his promotion when the spiritual hindrance was eliminated. The Lord will set you free from poverty and loss of prosperity in your life also!


            We have seen many people set free from gluttony. The problem is not just their eating habits. Demonic spirits can also be causing gluttony. Many times the spirits are there from inheritance. Other times, spirits which cause you to overeat come in from emotional problems. Many eat when depressed, when upset, when nervous, et cetera. In order to see freedom, you must have good eating habits, deal with emotional problems, and cast out spirits associated with gluttony. Many have seen freedom and lost weight and kept it off.


          A woman in Tembisa, Johannesburg in South Africa who was blind from birth was healed when the inherited blind spirits were cast out of her. Her grandfather had also been blind and this was an inherited generational curse which was broken when the inherited blind spirits were cast out.
          Another woman in a village outside of Obuasi, Ghana was healed from blindness when the demons were cast out of her.


          A boy in Bujumbura Rural in Burundi was healed of dumbness from birth after the dumb spirits were cast out of him. The pastor had the boy speaking into a microphone to show all of the congregation what the Lord had done through casting out the dumb spirits. There was great rejoicing in that church and hundreds of believers were healed as demons were cast out of them.

          A young girl was healed of deafness and dumbness after the deaf and dumb spirits were cast out of her in Lagos, Nigeria. As the spirits were cast out, suddenly sounds began to come out of her mouth as the dumbness was gone first. As deaf spirits were continually cast out, she was able to hear a pastor clapping his hands behind her as she repeated the same number of claps each time he clapped.


          As I have ministered deliverance seminars in churches in countries of Africa (Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Burundi, and Rwanda), the Lord has healed thousands of believers of all kinds of pains, sicknesses, and diseases as demons have been cast out during deliverance ministry. To God be all the glory for the great things He has done!

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